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Our water and environment management solutions extend beyond the industrial sector to hotels, spas, schools and colleges, hospitals, laboratories, railway and defence establishments providing safe drinking water and a clean environment. Apart from systems for specific medical, laboratory and hospital water applications, typical requirements include: Water for drinking and use in kitchens and canteens Softened …

Communities & Municipalities

In our endeavour to create a healthy environment we reach out to municipalities, public health engineering departments, water supply and sewerage boards, and projects for public water supply and sanitation. We also provide point of use and decentralised community level systems for drinking water purification and sewage treatment/recycle.


We provide total water and environment management solutions for residential and commercial establishments whether for drinking water, swimming pools or comfort cooling. With increasing water scarcity, realty sector is on a lookout for solutions that can not only conserve water but even recycle it. Taking this need into consideration we offer systems that recycle water …